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Standard Imports

The Standard Import screen provides the ability to import data into the HRIS. The Import Layouts help screen includes import specifications for all supported Import Types.

Supported Custom Import Formats

The following Import formats are supported:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • CSV (comma separated value)

Importing Data

To import data into the HRIS, complete the following steps:


  1. Select the Import Type for the type of data to be imported (the Import File must be formatted according to the corresponding Import Layout )
  2. Browse to the Import File on your local drive
  3. If the Import File is in Microsoft Excel format, the type in the name of the Worksheet that contains the data to be imported
  4. Click Import File
  5. Review the Data Import History record that is created as a result of the Import.

If any errors are encountered, click the "Errors" column to review and fix the errors before repeating the steps above until the import is successful.

Import Layouts

For specific Import Layouts see: Import Layouts

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