API 2.0 Overview

 No Longer Supported

API 2.0 is no longer offered or supported in Core HR and any related resources on Support Central will be removed in the near future.

API 2.0 allows you to create a customized integration to fit their needs. Utilizing these fields, the user can:

  • Communicate employee data
  • Manage their connection through the updated API Dashboard
  • Pull a customized set of data (updates cannot be pushed into the HRIS at this time)

Setup Information

1. Sign the Service Activation Agreement. There is no cost to utilize the API feature.

2. Once the Service Activation Agreement is signed, two additional tabs will appear: Setup and Audit Log.

     a. Setup allows the user to create API credentials

     b. Audit Log will log when calls are by made and the description (user) which called. 

3. In the top right, click “add” in the action menu. 

4. The description box will appear. Add a unique description for the API user you are about to create (Ex: TLM User). Click save.

     a. Once saved, the Client ID and Client Secret will appear. The Client Secret will only be shown once, so document this before deviating from the screen. 

  5. Note that the setup page has 4 columns.

     a. Description – This is the unique description added in step 4.
     b. Client ID – This is the Client ID generated in step 5. 
     c. Last Call – Documents last time this user called the API
     d. Check Box – This allows the user to deactivate records. Please note once a Client ID is deactivated, it cannot be made active again.

6. Once the Client Secret and Client ID is created, an access token needs to be generated. To create one, a HTTP POST will need to be executed against https://auth.infinityhr.com/connect/token with your client secret and client id. An example of what this request looks like can be found here: http://docs.identityserver.io/en/release/endpoints/token.html?highlight=identitymodel. Note that the access tokens are temporary, they generally will expire in a set timeframe. You can check the expiration by taking the access token and using a standard JWT parser like https://jwt.io to read its contents.

Additional Resources: The definitions for all the resource requests can be found here via our swagger documentation https://api.infinityhr.com/swagger. On the documentation page click on "authorize" at the top of the page. Inside the value box type (without the quotes):  "Bearer <Authorization Key>"


Note that it is the responsibility of the user to implement and maintain the API 2.0. 

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