Dependent Required Fields for Core HR

Navigating to Required Fields
  • From the menu, expand Setup and click Required Fields.


  • You will arrive at the employee required fields page. Click the Dependent button from the top menu bar.


There are 4 check boxes that designate for the administrator what is required when completing Dependent demographics.

  • Required on Administration Portal - Field will be designated in red and administrator will not be able to save demographics unless field has data supplied
  • Visible on Employee Portal - Employee will be able to see data within change event if dependent information is enabled within an event.
  • Required on Employee Portal - Employee will not be able to alter or edit personal information within an event unless fields highlighted in red below have been filed out and completed.
  • Read Only on Employee Portal - Employee may see data provided for them but are unable to edit the field if selection is made by the administrator. The SSN for this individual has been selected below and the data is grayed out.


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