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Guide to ExakTime Mobile Security Roles

The ExakTime Mobile security role system in ExakTime Connect allows administrators of the system to give other employees access to various parts of the system. This, for example, is useful for allowing Supervisors to clock in for other employees or allow them to create new locations from the field within ExakTime Mobile.

Table of Contents

Accessing Security Roles

Go to Manage in the Menu Bar and click Security Roles. to access Security Roles.


Understanding Security Roles Page


  1. ExakTime Mobile/ExakTime Connect Tabs - View and adjust Security Roles for ExakTime Connect or ExakTime Mobile.
  2. Add Security Role
  3. Security Roles - The security roles that will grant employees any given permissions.
  4. Role Name – Name of the security role. The field can be used to edit the name of a Non-Default role. 
  5. Permissions Tab - Permissions for the selected Security Role.
  6. Employee Members - A list of all employees with checkboxes to indicate if they belong or should have the security role. For more information, refer to the appropriate section.
  7. Permissions List – A list of permissions of all available permissions for a Security Role.

Security Roles

There are 4 default roles for ExakTime Mobile.

  • Administrator - Provides almost all available permissions for ExakTime Mobile and their permissions cannot be changed (the GeoTrakker permission cannot be enabled for an Administrator). Generally intended for ExakTime admins in the office such as an office manager, accountant, etc. 
  • Supervisor - Limited permissions in ExakTime Mobile by default, but more than an Employee security role. The permissions can be adjusted. Generally intended for employees that manage others.
  • Employee - Limited permissions in ExakTime Mobile by default. The permissions can be adjusted.
  • No Access - Has no permissions enabled and cannot access ExakTime Mobile. This role is generally given to newly added employees. 


The ExakTime Mobile permissions will control what an employee is able to view and do in ExakTime Mobile.

For more information about ExakTime Mobile permissions, you can refer to the following article for additional information.

Employee Members


  1. Search for a Specific employee among your Role’s Members
  2. Add/remove the employee from the selected security role.

For more instructions on assigning a security role through the Security Roles page, you can refer to the following article

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