How to Clock In/Out a Crew on ExakTime Mobile

If given permission, ExakTime Mobile users can clock in for a crew of employees so multiple employees can be clocked in for the same location and cost code quickly.

  1. Press Clock For from the Time Clock screen. On iOS, it is located at the bottom. On Android, it is located at the top.


  2. Press Choose Employee or Crew. If you already see an employee or crew name, press the name instead.


  3. Select the crew to be clocked in.


  4. Press This Crew to select all employees listed.


  5. Select the location and cost codes to be used if clocking in the crew. Press GO or STOP.


  6. A crew confirmation will appear when you can remove or add employees to the current clock in/out. This will only affect this current clock in/out and will not permanently change the crew. Press Clock In/Out.


  7. You will receive a success confirmation.


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