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Closing or Reopening a Pay Period

Closing a pay period is used to prevent unintended time card changes and mitigate any data disparity between ExakTime and your accounting/payroll software.

If the time card needs to be adjusted after a pay period has been closed, it can be reopened, but be aware that you may need to update the time data in your accounting/payroll software for consistency. 

Enabling Pay Period Closing

  • Go to Manage and click on Company Settings


  • Go to Time & Attendance


  • Enable Pay Period Closing
    • You can also put a warning on the Time Card Summary for when the time card should be finalized.


  • Click Save.

Close or Open A Pay Period

Once you are past the pay period, the option to close the pay period will be available on the Time Card Summary page and must be done manually, this will not be automatic.

  • Go to Time Cards and click on Time Card Summary.


  • Click on Close Pay Period to close the pay period or Reopen Pay Period if it has already been closed.



  • A warning will appear for the date range you are closing/reopening and what will happen by closing/reopening.



Quarantined Time

If a pay period has been closed, any records from the field will go to the Quarantined Time area of the Time Card Summary. The records will not reach the employee's time card until the pay period is opened.


  Additional Information

For more information regarding Quarantined Time, you can refer to Quarantined Time

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