How to Create Crews/Groups Within ExakTime Mobile

Crews/Employee groups allow employees to clock in for a group of employees with the same location and cost code at once. Location and cost code groups are to group up similar locations and cost codes to make it easier for employees to locate certain items.

Crews and groups created within ExakTime Mobile will only appear on the device it was created on.

As of ExakTime Mobile Version 2.64, Crews made by an employee in ExakTime Mobile will only appear for the creator on that device.

  Additional Information

Crews/groups created in ExakTime Mobile will only appear on the device that created it while crews/groups created in ExakTime Connect will appear on all copies of ExakTime Mobile. For more information about creating crews/groups on ExakTime Connect, you can refer to the following article.

  • Press the menu button in the top left corner and press Manage.



  • Press the Crew/Group option you want to create.


  • If using iOS, press Edit, then press +. If using Android, press +. You may receive a message that your changes may be overwritten the next time ExakTime Mobile syncs to match with what they were originally.


  • Enter a name for the crew/group, then press Next.


  • Select what should be part of this crew/group, then press Done/Save.


  • If using iOS, you will press Done again.


  • When finished, you can begin using the crew/group on your device.

Sources of Crews

Starting in ExakTime Mobile 2.64, we have included icons to show where a crew was created: ExakTime Connect or ExakTime Mobile. This will be shown with a small icon near the crew name.


Creating_Crews_Groups_within_ExakTime_Mobile__115000395414__EM_-_iOS_-_Manage_-_Crews_-_User_Icon.png - Crew was made by an employee in ExakTime Mobile. This type of crew can only be seen by the original creator.

Creating_Crews_Groups_within_ExakTime_Mobile__115000395414__EM_-_iOS_-_Manage_-_Crews_-_Cloud_Icon.png - Crew was made by an employee in ExakTime Connect. These crews can be seen by anyone.

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