Receiving Error 100 or 102 When Using ExakTime Mobile

When using ExakTime Mobile, you may receive the error when trying to send records or sync ExakTime Mobile:

Error 100: Unable to connect to Internet. Verify connection and try again.


Error 102: There Is Insufficient Coverage To Make A Connection.
Please Try Again Later.

Some other variations of this error could be 100R, 100-R, 100S, or 100-S. The R and S indicate if the trouble occurred when Receiving or Sending data.

The cause of these errors is generally due to some type of internet connection issues on the mobile device, be it via Wi-Fi or cellular/mobile data.

Troubleshooting Suggestions

Restart the Device

Like with many electronics, sometimes restarting your device will fix any issues/oddities.

Confirm a Data Connection

Check the status bar on your phone and make sure that you have a symbol that your device has a data connection. This is generally presented as a symbol like 4G, 3G, LTE, etc. This symbol can differ with your cellular carrier.

Please note this is separate from the "bars" indicator that shows the strength of the voice signal available.

Check Mobile Network Permissions

If your phone shows that you have a valid data connection, but ExakTime Mobile is still presenting an Error 100 or Error 102, then you will want to check your phone settings and see if ExakTime Mobile has permission to use cellular data.

On iOS, go to Settings, click on Cellular, and check if Cellular Data is enabled.

On Android, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network and see if Mobile Data is enabled. (These steps may differ depending on the manufacturer of the device, but the idea is consistent)

Try Your Web Browser

If you've done everything above and you still have trouble, then try to open your web browser and see if you can access any website. A rare cause of cellular data issues is your cellular carrier not allowing your device/SIM from fully accessing the internet. For some cellular carriers, they will redirect your web browser to a specific page indicating a possible problem with your data plan. This can be due to billing or account issues. In these cases, you (or whoever the phone belongs to) will need to reach out to the cellular provider to find out the problem and correct it.

Connect to Wi-Fi

If you are having trouble with using ExakTime Mobile out in the field while using cellular data, try to connect to Wi-Fi and see if the issue persists. If you don't see any issue when connected to Wi-Fi, this points to an issue with the cellular data on the phone.

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