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How Can My Employees Review Their Time?

If an employee is requesting to review their time, you have a few options depending on how you want to present the information such as letting them review their time card at their leisure or by providing your employees a digital/physical copy.

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View Time Card in ExakTime Mobile

You can grant permission to view their and/or approve time card for ExakTime Mobile. Your employees will be able to review the latest 2 pay weeks (the current pay week and the previous) from within ExakTime Mobile.

Be mindful of an employee's viewset as their viewset can determine if they can see the time cards of other employees.

If you would like to let your employees view their time cards from ExakTime Mobile, you can refer to the steps from the following dedicated article.

If you would also like your employees to approve their time cards from ExakTime Mobile, you can refer to the steps from the following dedicated article.


View Time Card on ExakTime Connect

Employees can be given limited access to ExakTime Connect so they can review their time card, approve their time card for the pay period, and/or let them generate a report to download their own copy. 

Once an employee has been given access to ExakTime Connect, they will see their time card and if able, approve their time for the pay period. This may differ depending on their ExakTime Connect security role permissions.

For the steps to set up and assign a security role to your employees to review their time, please refer to the following dedicated article.

If you would like to set up Time Card Approvals for your employees, you can refer to the following dedicated article.


Email a Copy

To email the employee a copy of their time card, they will need a valid email under their contact information.


Once an email has been entered, the option to email the time card will be available from the Time Card Detail. This option can only be done per employee and not in bulk.


Print a Copy

To give an employee a printout of their time card, you have two options: printing their time card from their Time Card Detail or using one of our reports.

Printing Out a Time Card Report

We offer a couple of reports that allow you to print out and give your employees a copy of their time card. The reports that we would suggest are the Employee Time Card and Employee Touch Detail which can be printed out for either individuals or multiple employees. This method is more efficient as it can print out reports for multiple employees at once. An example of the reports is listed below. 



Expand for Steps on Generating a Report
  • Go to Reports in the top menu bar.


  • On the left-hand side, select A. Time Card or B. Touch Detail report.


  • Select the date range for your report.


  • If generating a report for specific people, use the employee filter to specify the employees that should be shown in the report.


  • Click View Report when ready to generate your report. It may appear in another tab/window.
  • In the top left of your report, click the printer icon to print out your report from your web browser's print menu.


Printing The Time Card From Time Card Detail

To print a copy of an employee's time card, you will first need to navigate to their time card under Time Card Details.

At the top of the employee's time card is a button for Print View which allows you to print the currently viewed time card with your web browser's printer options.

  • This option can only be done per employee and not in bulk.


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