How to Remove an Auto Lunch

As the auto lunch is designed to apply automatically as long as an employee meets the minimum hours, it cannot be deleted once applied.

In the event that an employee should not receive an auto lunch for any reason, it will require manual intervention by an ExakTime Connect user that can edit time cards.

While the auto lunch itself cannot be deleted, it can be edited so it deducts 0 hours/minutes instead. You would edit the auto lunch like any other time record and make it so the start and stop times match, resulting in no time being deducted.

Navigating to an Employee Time Card
  • Go to Time Card and click on Time Card Details.


  • Go to the date range/pay period that you want to edit/delete time for and select the employee that needs their auto lunch adjusted.


  • Look for the auto lunch record that needs to be removed. Click the stop time for the auto lunch.


  • Enter the stop time so it matches the start time of the auto lunch.


  • Click Save.
  • After the time card recalculates, the auto lunch record will not show any time deduction. 


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