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Guide to Custom Fields for ExakTime

Custom fields allow you to create your own fields to help organize your employees, locations and/or cost code lists.

Setting Up Custom Fields

  • Go to Manage and go to Custom Fields.


  • Click on Add.


  • Enter a name for your custom field and select if it should be associated to your employees, locations or cost codes, and set the type of custom field. Free form text allows you to enter any text for the custom field while the list will only allow you to use options from a pre-made list. If list is selected, then enter in the options for the list. In the example below, list has been selected and options have been added.


  • Click Save when finished. The new custom field will appear in your list.


Assigning Your Custom Fields

  • Go to the section that you will be using the custom field and click the edit icon to the left.


  • Click the Custom Fields tab.


  • Find the custom field that you created and select the appropriate information.
    1. Free Form Text: Enter the information needed.
    2. List: Select the information from the list.


  • Save your changes.

Using Custom Fields With Lists

  • In your employee, location, or cost code list, click the column manager button to the right.
  • Click and drag the custom field and move it towards the columns to the left, or to the "Group By" section towards the top. 
    • Columns


    • Group By


Using Custom Fields With Time Cards

Custom fields can also be shown on the time cards by enabling it from the Custom Fields page.


Once the option has been enabled, the column manager button on the Time Card Detail or My Time Card page will give you the option to add it to your time card columns.


  Additional Information

For more information regarding custom fields in your time cards, you can refer to Viewing Custom Fields In Time Cards

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