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Guide to Time Card Details for ExakTime Connect

The Time Card Details page will present your employee's time records, either made in the field or in the office, for a given date range. You can perform a variety of actions here, in addition to reviewing, such as editing the time card(s), emailing the time card to the employee, and/or approving the time card.

Some menu items on the Time Card Details are dependent on other options such as time card approvals, manual meal breaks, etc.

Table of Contents

Navigating to Time Card Details

From the top menu bar, click Time Cards and click Time Card Details.

  • If you are unable to see either option and believe you should be able to, please speak with your ExakTime Connect Administrator to confirm that your ExakTime Connect Security Role has been correctly set up.



For ease of viewing, we will break down the time card detail screen into 3 main areas. 

Employee/Location View List

Employee View

The Employee View will list all of your active employees and any inactive employees with time records for the selected date range. 


  1. Employee/Location View - Switch between Employee or Location View
  2. Employee Search
  3. Sort Employees By ID or Name
  4. Employee List - Your employee list will have 20 employees at a time.
  5. Inactive Icon Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Inactive_Location.png- If an employee is inactive, but has time for the specified date range.
  6. Red Exclamation Point Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Incomplete.png - If an employee's time card has any time records that require your attention, this icon will be shown next to their name. This can be caused by incomplete or overlapping time records.
    • This icon can be expected if you are viewing the current workday as your employees may still be working at the time of reviewing.

Location View

When using Location View, the Location list on the left will list all active locations and any inactive locations with time records associated.

The Employee list on the right will only list employees that have time records associated with a selected location. Selecting the employee will show all their time records and not just time records with the selected location. 


  1. Employee/Location View - Switch between Employee or Location View
  2. Location Search
  3. Employee Search
  4. Location List - Active locations and inactive locations with time records associated will be listed here. If a location has been used by your employees in the current date range, the location will have black text. Locations that have not been used will have grey italicized text.
  5. Employee List - Employees with time records for the selected location will be listed here.
  6. Red Exclamation Point for Locations Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Incomplete.png - If a location is used for an incomplete time record, a red exclamation point will appear next to the location name.
  7. Red Exclamation Point for Employees Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Incomplete.png- If a time card has any time records that require your attention, this icon will be shown next to their name. This can be caused by an incomplete time card or overlapping time records.
    • This icon can be expected if you are viewing the current workday as your employees may still be working at the time of reviewing.
  8. Inactive Location Icon Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Inactive_Location.png - This icon will appear next to any inactive location if an employee has a time record with the respective location.

Time Card Hours, Date Range & Actions


  1. Time Card Hours & Approvals - The employee's overall hours for the selected date range and time card approval indicators, if any. For more information about time card approvals, you can refer to the following article.
  2. Date Range
    • The drop-down menu will show quick options for pre-defined date ranges such as pay periods or weeks. If you have not set up a pay period/week, you can refer to the following article.


    • The arrow buttons can be used to go to the previous or next pay period/week/day. The arrows will be unavailable if you are viewing a custom date range.
    • Clicking the calendar icon will allow you to specify a date range, of up to 31 days.


  3. Time Card Actions - Actions such as adding time, recalculating the hours, and printing the currently selected time card can be performed here.
  4. Column Manager - Add or remove columns from your time card.

Time Card & Icon Meanings


The employee time card will contain all time punches and records created on ExakTime Connect, Mobile, and JobClocks.



  • Location - Where the employee worked.
  • Cost Code - What they did.
  • Start/Stop Time - The start/stop time of the time record. The stop time will be grayed out if it is using the start time of the time record that immediately follows.
  • REG/OT1/OT2 - If the time record hours are regular, overtime, or premium/doubletime.
  • Shift/Pay Code - Indicates what shift and/or pay code a time record would belong to
  • Break - Indicates how much time an employee took a break such as for lunch.
  • Overall Hours

The columns for your time cards can be readjusted and repositioned with the column manager icon.


Time Card Symbols/Buttons


There are some functions that can only be done from the time card area.

  1.  - Clicking this chevron icon will allow you to collapse or expand the time records for the given day.
  2. Start/Stop Time - The start and stop time that an employee worked for the given location/cost code of the time record.
    • The "Stop Time" will be grayed out if it is using the start time of the following time record and will automatically update itself to reflect whatever the following time record has. 
    • Clock_Out_Icon_-_00.png - This "Clock Out" icon will be displayed towards the left of a stop time if it is a clock out for the employee's time record.
    • Next to each start/stop time will be a small i icon. The color of the icon will indicate the relation of the GPS provided with the selected location.
      • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__No-GPS.png - A blue icon indicates that there is no GPS associated with the time punch. This can be due to:
        • Lack of location services at the time of creating the punch on ExakTime Mobile.
        • If the time punch was created manually with ExakTime Connect.
        • if the time record was created automatically by the system such as a midnight split.
      • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Location-No-GPS.png - A grey icon indicates that there is GPS associated with the time punch, but the location for the time punch does not yet have a GeoFence.
      • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Outside-GeoFence.png - A red icon indicates that the GPS for the time punch is outside the GeoFence of the location for the time record.
      • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Inside-GeoFence.png - A green icon indicates that the GPS for the time record is within the GeoFence of the location of the time record.
      • ETC_-_Time_Card_Details_-_i_icon_-_Meal_Break_-_01.png - A yellow icon indicates that the employee clocked in early from a manual meal break
    • Hovering over this icon can also information such as GPS proximity, FaceFront photo, and more:
      • Source - Where the time record came from.
      • Created by - Who created the time punch.
      • Punch Time - The original punch time.
      • Additional Information
        • GPS of Time Punch in relation to the selected location.


        • FaceFront Photo if available.


        • If the stop time is based on the start time of the following time record.


  3. Comments - Comments can appear with a time record if they were added when clocking in/out on ExakTime Mobile/Connect, by a time editor on ExakTime Connect, or by an automated system in ExakTime Connect.
  4. Time Record Actions - The availability of the time record actions are dependent on the user's security role permissions.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Edit_Time.png - Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to edit time records for the day.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Trash.png - Click the trash icon will allow you to delete the time record. You will need to save the deletion of the time record before it is fully deleted. 
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Globe.png - If there is GPS data associated to the time record, the globe icon will open the Map View page and shows you the position of the mobile device as the employee clocked in or out and in relation to the time record location, if possible.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Icon_-_Mobile_Forms.png- Clicking this icon will allow you to adjust/add ExakTime Mobile Form responses. For more information on how to edit mobile form responses, you can refer to the following article.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Overlapping-Time.png - This icon will indicate overlapping time and will appear next to any time records that are overlapping each other.
    • Policies_Icon_-_00.png - This icon indicates that a record was created by a policy, most commonly auto-lunch.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Exported.png- This icon indicates that a record has been exported via AccountLinx.
    • ETC_-_Time_Card_Details_-_Meal_Break_Icon_-_00.png - This icon indicates if a time record is for a meal break.
  5. Additional Actions/Warnings
    • Add Time - Add time for the day.
    • Add Meal Break - Add a meal break for the day. This option will not be available if manual meal breaks have not been enabled for the employee's policy group.
    • Field Notes - If there are any field notes sent by the employee for the day, the button will be clickable to show their created field notes during their work hours. For more information about field notes in ExakTime Connect, you can refer to the following article.


    • Missing Meal Break - This warning will appear if an employee is expected to take a meal break, but has not had one.
  6. Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Incomplete.png - This icon will appear for any field with incomplete data. If the employee is still working, then this is expected to appear for the stop time. If a field is incomplete for a prior work day, then it must be corrected to show an hourly total.

Editing a Time Card

Editing a time card allows you to keep an accurate time card for your employees and to help determine the hours for other functions such as job-costing and payroll. The ability to edit an employee's time card is determined by security role permissions.

For more information about adding time records manually, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

For more information about editing or deleting time records, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

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