Why Is My Employee Not Seeing Other Employees?

When setting up an employee in ExakTime Connect, their profile can be set up so they can only view themselves or other employees. When first setting up an employee, they are set to only view their own information by default. To let them view other employees throughout ExakTime Connect and/or ExakTime Mobile, you will need to go into their employee profile on ExakTime Connect and adjust their viewsets. Once their viewsets have been changed and the employee is using ExakTime Mobile, they may need to sync their device to receive the new changes to their profile.

  Additional Information

For more information relating to employee viewsets, you can refer to Employee Viewsets

The four options for viewsets are:

  • Only Themselves - Only see themselves within ExakTime Connect/Mobile.
  • All Employees - See all employees within ExakTime Connect/Mobile.
  • Selected Employees - See selected employees within ExakTime Connect/Mobile.
  • Selected Employee Groups - See employees that belong to the selected employee groups within ExakTime Connect/Mobile.

Adjusting Employee Viewsets

  • Go to Manage at the top, then click Employees.


  • Click on the blue pencil icon to the left of an employees name to look at their employee profile.


  • Click on Viewsets.


  • You will see four options for how employees can view other employees. Select the appropriate option.


  • Click Save when finished.
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