What Does Recalculating a Time Card Do?

While time cards will automatically calculate after they are modified, either by a time card editor or an employee clocking in/out

On an employee's time card detail page is a Recalculate button located near the top.


When clicked, it will trigger ExakTime Connect to recalculate the time card based on the policies that are set at the time of recalculation. This can be used to recalculate past time cards in past pay periods in the event that your policies were not set up properly initially (such as the daily overtime being enabled when your company only calculates overtime over a week) as changing your policies will only recalculate the current pay period.

 Recalculating Previous Pay Periods

When recalculating previous pay periods, be cautious of your policies being different from when the previous pay period was originally calculated.

For example, your company did not calculate overtime a few years ago. Today, you are required to pay your employees overtime after 40 hours worked in a workweek so you adjust your employee policies.

You are asked to review a time card from last year when overtime was not being calculated. While reviewing the time card, you click "Recalculate". This forces ExakTime Connect to recalculate the previous time card based on your current overtime policies. This can result in discrepancies with your time cards and your employees pay.

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