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Setting up an Employee to Start Using ExakTime Mobile

For an employee to begin tracking their time on ExakTime Mobile, you just need to do two things:

  1. Set up the employee in ExakTime Connect with an ExakTime Mobile PIN.
  2. Have them download ExakTime Mobile from the App Store/Play Store and provide them with the company setup code to set up ExakTime Mobile with your account.

Setting up the Employee

If you are needing to set up a brand new employee, you can refer to "How to Add an Employee to ExakTime Connect".

If you are needing to set up an existing employee, you can refer to "How to Assign ExakTime Mobile Security Roles Through Employee Profile".

Setting up ExakTime Mobile

For more information about setting up ExakTime Mobile and for handouts you can provide employees, please refer to the "Setting Up ExakTime Mobile".

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