Using Scheduled Shifts Attendance Reports

Along with reports to assist with seeing scheduled shifts, ExakTime Connect features three additional reports to help check employee attendance consistency for their Schedule Shifts: the Early Employee, Late Employee, and No Show Employee reports.

All these can be accessed under Reports>Scheduled Shifts


All three Scheduling Attendance reports require you to choose a date range to view, as well as any format settings, Report Specific Options, and filters.

Scheduled Shifts Early Employee

Scheduled Shifts Early Employee: Displays schedule shifts in which the employee was early sorted by date


Scheduled Shifts Late Employee

Scheduled Shifts Late Employee:  Displays schedule shifts where employees clocked in late


Scheduled Shifts No Show Employee

Scheduled Shifts No Show Employee:  Displays scheduled shifts for employees where the employee does not have a corresponding time record that aligns with their schedule

Note: If an employee clocks in at the correct time but at the wrong location according to their schedule, it will be considered a No Show and will appear on this report.


For more information regarding reports, please refer to the following article: Reports Walkthrough

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