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Why Does ExakTime Mobile Log Out Automatically?

By default, many of ExakTime Mobile's features are adjusted to fit the essentials for basic users; however, this may not always be the best setup depending on company needs and compliance. One behavior that is enabled by default is ExakTime Mobile's ability to automatically log users out after creating a punch that brings them back to the dial pad to enter their mobile pin.

It is important to note "logging out" or "signing out" is not the same as "clocking out." Successfully entering a mobile pin into ExakTime Mobile logs or signs a user in, but they will still need to create an IN or OUT punch via the Time Clock screen in order to Clock IN/OUT.

Subsequently, a user can sign/log in and then sign/log out via the menu without Clocking IN/OUT. Therefore, a user can be logged out, but still clocked in and vice versa, or any other combination of the sort.

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Adjusting ExakTime Mobile Behaviors

Behaviors, such as logging out automatically after a punch, can be enabled (or disabled) in ExakTime Connect under Manage>Mobile Settings.


When to turn on Automatically log out after clocking in or out

This setting works best if you have multiple users clocking IN/OUT separately on one communal device. Once they make their punch, the device will log that user out automatically allowing the next person to log in and make their punch as needed. This mitigates the occurrence of users accidentally punching IN/OUT as someone else. Leaving this setting on will not be a detriment to those who clock in on their own device; it just means they have to enter in their pin to make each punch.

When to turn off Automatically log out after clocking in or out

The predominant reason for turning this setting off is if you have enabled GeoTrakker. In order for Geotrakking to function properly, the ExakTime Mobile app must be open (in the background at the very least) and the user must be logged/signed in and clocked IN. If a user logs out while still on the clock, this will disable GeoTrakker.

Additionally, if every user has their own ExakTime Mobile enabled device, turning this off reduces the number of times they need to enter their pin. It also allows the device to sync optimally based on the sync frequency set under Manage>Mobile Settings.

Log Out Automatically for Specific Devices

If this is supposed to only be for specific devices such as a shared device at one location and personal devices at another, then you will not use Mobile Settings. If Mobile Settings has been enabled, you will want to disable it. Instead, you will need a user with sufficient permission on ExakTime Mobile such as an administrator to change the ExakTime Mobile app settings.

  • Press the menu button in the top left of ExakTime Mobile and press Settings.



  • If using Android, look for the setting "Log Out After Clock In/Out" and enable it. If using iOS, first press General, then enable the option.


  Additional Information

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