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Why a Location Has Incorrect/No GPS Information and How to Correct It in ExakTime

When adding a new location in ExakTime Connect and entering a full address for the location, we use Bing Maps to generate GPS coordinates based on the address.

In the event that an address is either incorrect or too new/nonexistent for Bing Maps, the GPS for a location may be incorrect or missing. For these situations, you will need to manually correct the GPS coordinates.

Updating GPS Information in ExakTime Connect

Navigating to Location GPS
  • To review or update the GPS/GEOFence for a location, you will first go to Manage and click on Locations.


  • Click the edit icon to the left of a location to view its profile.


  • Click the GPS tab.


Minor GPS Corrections

If the GPS coordinates are there, but slightly off, you can click and grab the GPS arrow and drag it to where it should be.


Manually Finding and Entering GPS Coordinates in ExakTime Connect

If there are no GPS coordinates to adjust or they are wildly incorrect, you can enter the GPS coordinates manually from other sources, such as Google Maps or Bing Maps.

With Google Maps

  • Go to Google Maps and search for the best area that would contain the location.
  • When you find the desired location, right-click on the map and click the coordinates at the top of the list. The coordinates will be copied to your clipboard.


With Bing Maps

  • Go to Bing Maps and search for the best area that would contain the location.
  • When you find the desired location and right-click on the map to see the GPS coordinates at the bottom of the menu. Copy and paste these coordinates into the GPS fields for your Location in ExakTime Connect.


Entering GPS Coordinates

Once you have the GPS coordinates, you would enter them into the corresponding fields. When reading GPS coordinates, the first number is generally the latitude and the second number is the longitude. As you enter the coordinates, the map towards the right will update.


Adding/Updating GPS Coordinates from ExakTime Mobile

If an employee has been given the permission to add locations from ExakTime Mobile, they will also have the permission to add/update the GPS coordinates for a location with the GPS coordinates generated by their device. Before using this option, take the following into consideration:

  • They cannot manually enter their own GPS coordinates from ExakTime Mobile. GPS coordinates must be generated by the device.
  • Due to the above, the employee must be at the location to do this, ideally in the middle of the location.
  • Further adjustments to the GEOFence radius must be done by an ExakTime Connect user.

The employee will perform the following:

  • Press the menu button in the top left and press Manage.



  • Press Locations.


  • While viewing the list of available locations, press one to view its information.


  • If using iOS, press the option Set Position To Here. If using Android, press the three dots in the top right and press Set Position.


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