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Guide to ExakTime Connect's Mobile Devices Section

Mobile Devices allows you to review copies of ExakTime Mobile that have been associated with your ExakTime Connect account. From this page, you can review the latest activity of a device and disable copies of ExakTime Mobile.


Approved Devices


  • At the top of Mobile Devices will be your company setup code. This code is used when setting up ExakTime Mobile so it will sync its information with your ExakTime Connect account only. The code will change regularly so be mindful of the date when the company setup code will change. 
  • Add a Mobile Device - Send the company setup code directly to an employee via SMS.

     SMS in USA Only

    To receive an SMS message, the employee must have a valid US-based mobile phone number.
    At this time, SMS notifications are supported in the USA.

  • Refresh Approved Mobile Devices - Refresh the list of mobile devices.


  • Nickname - Name of the device when initially set up.
  • Last Used By - The employee that was logged in to ExakTime Mobile when it was last used to clock in/out.
  • Type - Type of device being used: iPhone (iOS) or Android.
  • Version - Version of ExakTime Mobile based on its last check in.
  • ID - A unique identifier for any installation of ExakTime Mobile. Primarily used for troubleshooting.
  • Last Checked In - The last time this copy of ExakTIme Mobile <synced or last sent in a time record> 
  • Action - Disable the copy of ExakTime Mobile. Once disabled, it will allow one last transmission of records before it is disabled.

Disabled Devices


After a device has been disabled, it will appear in the bottom half of the Mobile Devices page. While the columns and information are similar to the columns listed above in the Approved Devices Section, there are two additional columns:

  • Disabled Date - When the device was disabled.
  • Disabled By - The employee that disabled the device.
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