Why Does the Time Change From What I Entered?

When adding or editing time cards, you may notice that the time is changing to something else after entering or saving your changes. This can be caused by any of the following:

Entering Time In A Different Time Format

When entering time, it is important to be aware of the time format that you are entering and the time format that is being displayed. If you are entering the time in decimal format, it will automatically change to hours and minutes and vice-versa in the time entry field depending on your settings.

For example, if your system is set to show time as hours and minutes and you enter 8.50, it will automatically change to 8:30.


  Additional Information

For more information about time format differences, you can refer to Understanding Time Formats / Differences between Hours & Minutes and Decimal Time

Entering Time Eligible for Rounding

When saving your time, if it is eligible to be affected by a time rounding policy, it will be rounded after your policies apply to the time card(s).

So for example, if you have an in/out rounding policy rounding time records to the nearest 15 minutes, entering a time record as 8:32 AM will be automatically rounded to 8:30 AM.


  Additional Information

For more information about time rounding policies, you can refer to Rounding Policies

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