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TribeHR - Configuration

See below for instructions on how to configure the TribeHR integration:

Step 1

In your HRIS, navigate to Setup > Integrations > Agreements. Sign the TribeHR agreement.

Step 2

Click on the Settings tab within the same integrations page. Enter in values for the below fields. They need to be provided by the TribeHR administrator.

  • Customer API Key
  • Customer Short Name
  • Administrator Email

Customer API Key

  • The Customer API Key can be found in TribeHR by navigating to Edit Profile


  • The Customer API field is listed here.


Customer Short Name

The Customer Short Name is listed in the URL in front of “mytribehr.” In the below example, “infinity123” would be the Customer Short Name.


Administrator Email

This is the email address on file in TribeHR for the TribeHR administrator.

Step 3

After all the Customer API Key, Customer Short Name, and Administrator Email are entered, make the sync active by checking the Enabled box. Click Save Settings.


Step 4

In TribeHR, the TribeHR administrator navigates to the Settings Wheel>Integrations>Panels


Step 5

Click + New Panel. Choose InfinityHR Benefit. Privacy should be set to “Everyone.” Check the “Enable” box. Click Save. The user will receive a “Panel Configured” message if successfully saved.


Step 6

In your HRIS, refresh the Integration Settings page. The Customer Account, Integration Token, and Shared Key fields should fill in with values (not the actual values shown below).


Step 7

Webhooks must be configured within TribeHR.

  • While logged in as the administrator, hover over the "cog wheel" icon and click on the "Advanced" menu.


  • In the advance setup screen click on the Webhooks tab.


  • While in the Webhooks tab click on the “New Webhook” button.


  • The following information will need to be entered in order for TribeHR to Sync with infinity.


  • Then click the “Save Webhook” button.

Step 8

In TribeHR, the TribeHR administrator navigates to the My Profile page and expands the HRIS Benefit panel. This will activate the initial import of employees and data. The panel may show white space while the import performs.

Note: It is essential for proper installation of the sync that employees are imported into HRIS through the above steps as opposed to being imported into HRIS through the Data>Import section.

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