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Medical Benefit Elections

To ensure all benefit eligible employees have recorded medical elections (including waive, if applicable) with accurate dates of coverage.

All benefit eligible employees should have medical benefit elections recorded in Core HR. For self-insured medical plans, dependent enrollment (including dependents SSN and date of birth) also must be recorded.

Open Export Benefit Census Report

This report can be used to confirm employee medical elections and effective dates of coverage

  1. From the menu, expand Data, expand Exports, and click Manage.


  2. Hover over "Quick Excel Exports" and click Export Benefit Census.


  3. Filter the data in the "Package Name" column (Column E) and in the "Benefit Name" column (Column F) to display the medical benefits for the correct year.


  4. Confirm the effects dates of the "Coverage" column (Column J) for each employee.
  5. If you find any missing and/or incorrect data for an employee, you can correct this in the affected employee's benefits screen.


  6. From the menu by expanding Employee, expanding Benefits, and click Benefits.
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