Data Export - Activity Log Data File Types

This article details the activity log data types in an export and what their common uses are. The data types will be listed in the order in which they appear in the drop-down list found on the properties tab.


Activity log data types export data from an employee's activity log (found under an employee's profile, Employee > Logs > Activity). Similar to the categorization of the employee's activity log into modules, the data types export each log according to module. These data types are effective date and end date based, meaning that the export will pull information within a specified date range. Information on how effective dates are used can be found in the article: Data Export Properties Tab, under Manual Export Effective Date and Scheduled Export Effective Date.

ProTip: Activity log exports do not export data older than six months from the day the file is executed. If information past six months is needed, refer to the individual employee's activity log. Navigation path referenced above.

A user might use these data types to pull a comprehensive list of all activity that occurred against an employee's record, instead of an alternate data type that will pull single values assigned to an employee.

The activity log export data types and descriptions are listed as follows:

  • Activity Log - Access
    • Exports all employees' login into the employee or administrative portal.
  • Activity Log - Applicant Tracking System
    • Exports changes made to data in the applicant tracking system. This pulls data from both employees and applicants who have not been hired into the company
  • Activity Log - Benefit Management
    • Exports additions, changes, and deletions from employees' benefits profile.
  • Activity Log - Employee
    • Exports changes to core HR information, including demographic information, event processing, and compensation records.
  • Activity Log - Payroll
    • Exports changes made to employees' payroll compensation, payroll transactions, pay stubs, direct deposit, taxes, deductions, and W2 information.
  • Activity Log - Performance Management
    • Exports any changes made to an employee's performance management module, including positions, goals, skills, training and achievement, reviews, and performance log.
  • Activity Log - Reporting
    • Exports employees' To Do List items (found under an employee's profile, Employee > Employee Homepage > To Do List)
  • Activity Log - Survey
    • Exports changes, additions, and deletions made to employees' surveys. This will not show employee answers to surveys.
  • Activity Log - Time & Attendance
    • Exports time and attendance activity, including clock ins, clock outs, and system automated updates (e.g. auto-lunch deductions).
  • Activity Log - Time Off
    • Exports time off tracking activity, including time off requests, time off approvals, and system automated updates (e.g. accurals).
  • Activity Log - Workflows
    • Exports additions, changes, and deletions of employees' workflows. The activity log data type does not record notes logged against the employee's workflow.

ProTip: to accurately report activity log data, use Activity Log based fields.

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