Required Fields Overview for Core HR

Required fields relate to the demographic information the administrator may want to make required before an employee or a dependent may be saved in Core HR. When an employee is added to Core HR, either manually or via import, these fields will need to be completed before the employee's record can be created and/or an account be generated for the employee.

Additionally, there are a few fields in this section that may need to be defined. Those are the User Defined Fields 1-5. These fields can be used for a variety of information you may wish to collect in Core HR, but if you also have our Onboarding module, we may need to be sure these are set up to match the Custom Fields that are built-in Onboarding as Text Fields (if you wish to have that information pass over to Core HR). A good example of this may be a Driver's License number that is entered in Onboarding at the time the New Hire is filling out their paperwork.

Navigating to Required Fields
  • From the menu, expand Setup and click Required Fields.


  • You will arrive at the employee required fields page.


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