Field Value Setup - User Defined L1-L15

The system supports up to 15 optional categories (not required within the system) to which employees can be assigned. The User Defined L1 - L15 screens provide for the configuration of employee tracking fields.

These additional fields allow data to be collected and stored using either a radio button or dropdown list. 

Here are some examples of information that can be tracked using User Defined Lookup Fields:

  • Additional labor tracking needs, such as Business Unit
  • Rehire eligibility
  • Opt-in/out of certain benefits
  • Any information that needs to be reported on that currently does not exist in the system

The fields defined for the User Defined Lookup Fields will appear on the User Defined Tab of the Employee Demographic Information screen.

If importing Employee Demographic Data that includes User Defined Lookup Fields, then the acceptable fields must be defined on this screen before uploading data.


Creating a User Defined L# field:

  1. Name the Field
  2. Indicate if it will be a radio button list or a dropdown list
  3. Create your Values in the Lookup Value box
  4. Click Save

To Edit Existing Lookup Value

Select the pencil icon located on the left hand side of the value, and the value will populate at the top of the page. Information can then be edited and re-saved. 

To Delete an Existing Lookup Value

Select check box on the right hand side of the lookup value > Action Drop Down Menu > Delete Selected Records. 

User Defined Lookup Fields found in the Field Value Setup section are only used for fields in the software that contain a lookup value in a dropdown list. The system also has User Defined Fields that can be used for fields that allow free form text vs a dropdown list of choices. User Defined Fields are found in the Required Fields section by navigating to Setup > Required Fields

Both types of fields may be used for clients.  For more information on User Defined Fields, please refer to the Required Fields article.

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