Field Value Setup - Rate Codes

Rate Codes allow for the configuration of multiple Compensation Rate Codes in the system.

Rate Codes can then be applied to Compensation Rates for the purpose of recording compensation against a given Code.

If Rate Codes have not been configured, then only a default value of 'Base Rate' will be displayed in the drop-down when entering in a compensation or compensation transaction. Multiple Rate Codes can be set as default or as the 'Base Rate'.

Rate Codes are reportable using the Data Export Module.


To add a Rate Code, enter a Code and Description, and identify if it should be a Base Rate Code by checking the Base Rate Code check box. When finished, click Save.

Compensation based benefits will only read one Base Rate at a time and will go in order of first added. i.e. if you have multiple compensation rates all starting as of the same date and all listed as a Base Rate, the compensation based benefit will read the very first-rate entered into the system as a Base Rate.

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