Eligibility Rules Overview for Core HR

The Eligibility Rules listed below can be implemented against Benefit Packages, Benefits, Benefit Plans, Document Categories, Event Steps, and Time Off Accrual Rules defined within the system.

If an Eligibility Rule is referenced one or more times, it cannot be deleted until the Eligibility Rule is removed from the referenced areas.


The Actions drop-down menu allows you to:


  • Create Eligibility Rule Record
  • Delete Selected Record(s)

Creating An Eligibility Rule Record

  • Enter a name for your Eligibility Rule as required, a description if desired, then click Save & Continue.
    • When assigning an eligibility rule throughout the system the HR Admin will do so by name, it is always best to make the name descriptive/ clear who would pass the rule. 


  • Enter the details that would define who would be part of the eligibility rule.


    • Select Field - this value is what the system will be validating in the rule 
      • Example: Employee Status, Age, Years of Service 
    • Select Qualifier - The qualifier connects the field to the value during validation 
      • Available Qualifiers:  equal to, not equal to, less than, greater than, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, contains, does not contain, is one of, is not one of, is one of (Lookup), is not one of (Lookup) 
    • Enter Value - when validating, the system will validate that the field matches the qualifier to the value. 
      • Note: Value must match exactly what is in the system 
        • Example of Values that will validate 
          • Employee Status is equal to Full Time 
          • Age is equal to 56
          • State is equal to Arizona 
        • Example of Values that will not validate 
          • Employee Status is equal to FullTime
          • Age is equal to two
          • State is equal to AZ
    • Click Save Rule Detail.
    • Repeat as needed (The conjunction field will appear after adding 1 rule detail)
  • On the final tab, click Validate. It is always best practice, after building or editing an eligibility rule, to validate the rule to ensure the expected employees pass. 
    • Click Validate Rule 
    • Allow Rule to process 
      • Time can vary based on number of rule details to validate and number of employees in the system 
    • Once validated, a table will display below with the status of each employee (Passed or Failed) 



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