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Employee Portal - Company Tab

This tab allows you to manage your company information, add additional Employee Portal Contact Information (useful if the contact differs from an Administrator), and upload a company logo if desired. The company logo is displayed in the upper left corner of the Employee Portal.

Please enter information about your Company in the form below. The information provided on this screen will be used throughout various areas of the system. Company Logo:(image must not exceed 60 pixels in height).


  • Company Demographics and Tax ID
  • Employee Portal Contact Information - this information will display in the Contact Information box on the Employee's homepage.
    • *Note - the Employee Portal Contact Information will NOT display if using the 'New Dashboard' Theme.  To display Contact Information on the Employee homepage when using the 'New Dashboard' theme:
      • Add an Admin under Menu by navigating to Account Information > Contacts
      • Activate that Admin under Menu by navigating to Setup > Administrators
      • Select the 'Display this Administrator's Contact Information on the Employee Portal'


  • Company Logo - You can choose to customize their Core HR module by displaying their Company Name or a Company Logo.
    • *Note - logo images cannot exceed 60 pixels in height

Click 'Save' and then 'Preview' to preview the changes.

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