Workflow Instance Details

Workflows provide the ability to view and manage workflow instances associated with the selected Employee. Workflow Instances can be manually kicked off for the selected Employee by selecting from the Workflow drop-down field and clicking the Create Instance button. Workflow Instances can also be managed by clicking on the name of a Workflow Instance.

To access the Workflows screen for an employee, navigate to Employee > HR Data > Workflows from the menu.

The first screen in Workflow Management will list all existing workflows that have been created within the system.

  • Name - Name assigned to the Workflow Instance
  • Comments - Any comments entered against the Workflow Instance. Comments can be entered via the Workflow Summary Tab when drilling into a specific Workflow Instance.
  • Initial Resource - Indicates the name of the Resource assigned to the first step of the Workflow Instance
  • Date Created - Indicates the date the Workflow Instance was created
  • Target Completion Date - Indicates the date that the Workflow Instance is expected to be completed. This date is initially calculated using the sum of the Step Durations when the Instance is created. However, this date can be updated via the Workflow Summary Tab when drilling into a specific Workflow Instance.
  • Total Days - Indicates the Total Number of Days the Workflow Instance has been open. If the Workflow Instance is 100% complete, then this value will indicate the number of Days it took to complete the Instance.
  • Days Until Target - Indicates the number of days remaining until the Target Completion Date is met.
  • % Complete - Indicates the percentage of steps that have been completed for the Workflow Instance.


Create Workflow Instance

  • From the Instances tab, use the Actions drop-down menu and click Create Workflow Instance


  • Enter the necessary information:


    1. Select the workflow from the drop-down menu.
    2. Enter an Instance Name.
    3. Select the Target Completion Date.
  • Click Add Workflow.
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