How to Trigger a Workflow for Multiple Employees

In the event that a workflow must be generated for multiple employees at one time, follow the steps outlined below.  This will trigger a workflow instance for each employee that meets the specified criteria. 

Some examples of when this may be useful are periodic employee surveys or annual employee acknowledgment forms. 

  1. Click on the number (0 or other) under the "Total Instance" column.


  2. From the Actions drop-down menu, click Generate Multiple Instances.


  3. Select the eligibility rule that is needed, then click Save and Generate.


Additional Notes

  • Employees missing an email in the Work Email field of the Employee Demographics screen may impede the instance generation of employees falling on the alphabetical employee list after them. 
  • Closing the Instance Generation window prior to 100% generation being reached may result in missing instances for eligible employees. 
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