Creating a Workflow - Step 2: Configure Steps - Attach Documents

Attach any documents necessary for the workflow, if any.


  • Require Electronic Signature - If enabled, the document will require an electronic signature using Adobe EchoSign in this Workflow Step.
  • Allow employee to view document from Employee Portal - If enabled, the Electronically Signed Documents will be visible on the Employee Portal. Only applies if Require Electronic Signature is checked.
  • Name - Name of the document to be added.
  • Display Order - The order that the document should be presented.
  • File to Upload

After uploading your document, click Add Document.

When finished, proceed to the next step: Creating a Workflow - Step 2: Configure Steps - Prefilled/EZSign

Removing/Replacement a Document

  • To remove an existing document, select it with the checkbox on the far right.


  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Delete Selected Record(s)


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