Workflow Management Overview

The first screen in Workflow Management will list all existing workflows that have been created within the system. The Workflow Table includes the following columns of information:


From this page, you can view:

  • Name - Displays the name of the Workflow.
  • Description - Displays a description of the purpose of the Workflow.
  • Type - Displays the resource or person responsible assigned to the workflow. 
  • Active - Will indicate whether or not the workflow is active.
  • Total Instances - Displays each individual instance of a workflow that has been triggered within the system.
  • In Process Instances - Displays Workflows in process
  • Avg Duration - Displays the average number of days it is taking to complete the Workflow
  • The Start and End Date fields filter the values for the Total Instances, In Process Instances, and Average Duration columns.

By clicking on the Name of the Workflow, the properties of the Workflow will be displayed for editing.

By clicking on the Total Instances or In Process Instances values, a detailed listing of Workflow Instances will be displayed.

Tip:  It is often preferable to deactivate an old workflow when a workflow is no longer being used so that the reports can be maintained about the old workflow within the system.

From the Actions drop-down menu, you can:


  • Create Workflow
  • Delete Selected Record(s)
  • Duplicate Selected Workflows

The filter will let you specify the date range and status of the workflows to filter to.


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