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In-Depth: Create a Campaign

When creating a campaign, you will need to set up the properties for the campaign and metrics that should be associated.

While viewing the Campaigns tab on the Wellness Campaigns page, use the Actions drop-down menu and click Create Campaign.



  • From the properties tab, enter the appropriate information:


    • This is an Active Campaign - If this checkbox is checked, the campaign will be accessible from the Employee Portal Homepage. 
      • Do not check this box until the Campaign is ready to be viewed by employees.
    • Campaign Name - A required field for a short description of the Wellness Campaign.
    • Start/End Date - The beginning and ending date for the campaign.
    • Employee Group -  Defines the group of employees that will have access to the Wellness Campaign. The employee groups can be defined from the Reports menu. 
      • Employees Groups are static lists and built at the time that they are created or refreshed.
    • Description - A detailed description of the Wellness Campaign.
  • When finished, click Save & Continue >> to proceed to Metrics.


This metric represents the target value for the campaign.

  • For example, if this were a Flu Shot Campaign the target metric would be 1. An employee would enter that value from their employee portal as 1.
  • Another example could be If this were a weight-loss campaign the metric could be set as a percentage. In this example, an employee who has set their goal as losing 20 lbs would mark their progress as a percentage of that target being completed.


From the Actions drop-down menu, you can:


  • Add Metric
  • Delete Selected Record(s)

To delete a metric, click the checkbox to the far right of a metric, then use the appropriate option from the Actions drop-down menu.

Add Metric

  • To add a Metric, click Add Metric from the Actions drop-down menu as shown in the above section.
  • Enter the appropriate information:


    • Employee's may enter data for this metric via Employee Portal - Checkbox to allow employee's to enter metric data from their Employee Portal.
    • Metric Name - Short description of the metric to be tracked.
    • Description - A long description of the metric.
    • Goal - The goal value and whether the goal has a target percentage or numeric value.
  • When finished, click Save Metric.
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