Settings for Time Off Tracking - Blackout Dates

Black out dates are days employees are ineligible for time off requests. Managers or Administrators are able to create an individual time off record for the configured black out date, but an employee will not have access to override the date. 


Blackout dates apply to all employees in the company, but managers could still manually create a time off record as an exception.

  • When saving a new blackout date, the blackout dates are displayed in a grid below. The table is filtered by calendar year and will always show the furthest most built year of holidays by default. 
  • To edit an existing blackout date, click the date under the Blackout Date column, edit the details, then click Save.
  • To delete a blackout date, click the checkbox towards the far right, go to the Actions drop-down menu, then click Delete Selected Records.


Blackout Date - Used to specify the date employees will not be allowed to request off.

Eligibility Rule - Specify the eligibility group that the blackout date should apply to.

Description - Used to provide the name or description of the blackout date. This will be visible to the employee.

Editing Existing Black Out Dates

Once a black out date is added, it will appear in the table below. Black Out Dates are displayed by year - to change the year please select the filter button next to the action drop down menu and select the year. 

  1. Click the Black Out Date you wish to edit
  2. Notice the Black Out Date will display at the top of the screen - Make any Necessary Edits 
  3. Save 

Deleting an Existing Black Out Date

  1. Select check box on the right hand side of the Black Out Date (populated in the table below) 
  2. Actions Drop Down Menu 
  3. Delete Selected Records
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