Time Off Tracking Overview

In many organizations, employees are granted “Time Off” from work. This “Time Off” may be either paid or unpaid depending upon the policy of the organization. Additionally, organizations often have policies (or rules) that determine how much “Time Off” can be earned by an employee.

The Time Off Tracking feature provides for a simple, yet powerful, mechanism to define how employees should earn “Time Off” and then track the usage of that “Time Off” by employees. In general, the Time Off tracking feature provides the following functionality:

  • Automatically calculates available Time Off for each employee. This can be either through “accrual based” rules or through annual awarded units.
  • Allows employees to request Time Off through the Employee Portal. Employee requests will be automatically routed to the appropriate manager for approval.
  • Allows employees to view balances and accrual transactions through their Employee Portal
  • Allows Managers to view pending requests and take appropriate action on those requests by utilizing a variety of built-in tools.
  • Allows Administrators the ability to quickly configure Reporting/Routing Hierarchies.
  • Provides a reporting dashboard to Administrators to track trends in their Time Off data and analyze how Time Off is being utilized by employees. 

The Time Off Tracking setting allows an administrator to access:

  • Time Off Tracking - Accrual Rules, Calendar, Reports and Dashboard (Graph overview of time off data)
  • Settings - The configuration of the Time Off Tracking module, including time off types and holidays.
  • Utilities - Used to manually process accruals and clear time off data.


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