Job Templates: Duplicating a Job Template

If an existing job template can be reused for another job template, you can duplicate the template and make minor modifications.

Duplicating a Job Template

  • All configurations to job templates are done from the "Job Templates" sub-menu found under Administration. To begin, click Administration from the menu bar.


  • Click Job Templates on the left-hand side.


  • When you arrive, you will see previously created job templates.


  • Click Duplicate to the right of the job template.


  • A modal will appear to add the duplicate template with the same information as the job template you are duplicating. Make any adjustments as needed to the job template.
    For more information about the fields, please refer to the Job Template Fields section.


  • When finished, click Add Job Template.
  • There will be a confirmation message that the job template has been added.


Job Template Fields

  • Job Title: Job Title to be advertised.
    • The job title on a job ad should be an industry-recognized title and can differ from your internal job title.
  • Job Description: Your job ad.
  • Additional Requisition Information: This box will be hidden if just posting a job and not creating a requisition.
    • Tables and questions can be added to the template and will appear during the requisition creation process when the template is selected.
    • You can use custom fields to collect information from the requisition creator, instead of this box.
  • Postal Code: Where the job will be posted. Required by job boards. Can post to multiple locations.
  • Job Posting Fields: any fields in this section are custom and controlled by the system admin.
  • National Posting: To distribute your job posting to job board partners as a ‘National’ Posting.
    • This does not mean this posting will show up for all zip codes searched. Candidates must type ‘National’ in the location field to see it.
    • Visibility may be impacted. Not all job boards will accept the National Posting.
  • Telecommuting: To flag this position within the ATS as ‘Telecommuting’.
    • Use Telecommute in the job description; this will assist job seekers to easily find this position. (May be used instead of the toggle.)
  • Auto Responder: Will send the candidate an email letting them know that their submission has been received.
    • Select any auto responder email template created.
  • EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Category: This is optional and will be used in your AAP report to track candidates who participate in the voluntary affirmative action survey.
  • EEO Group: This is optional and can be used to group similar jobs together into one category.
  • Onboarding Location: This is the location you have set up in your onboarding solution for the job.
  • Designated Batch Size: Only displays if candidate batching is turned on. Can be changed when template is used.
  • Number of Openings: Defaults to one. Can be changed when template is used.

Screening Questions

At the bottom of the Job Template fields when adding/editing a job template, you can create screening or scoring questions, specific to this job, and will disqualify unqualified applicants or calculate a star ranking for candidates.

  1. To add a new question: click the “Click here to add a question or information” hyperlink.
  2. A new box will appear. Select the type of question you would like to add.
    • Informational Text
      1. A box will appear.
      2. Type text into box.
      3. Click OK.
    • Open Ended Question
      1. A box will appear.
      2. Type question into box.
      3. Click OK.
    • Yes or No – Qualification Question
      1. A box will appear.
      2. Type question into box.
      3. Optional: Change Stage and Disposition dropdown.
      4. Click OK.
      5. If an email is attached to the selected stage or disposition, the candidate will receive the email once they have submitted their application.
    • Yes or No – Screening Question
      1. A box will appear.
      2. Type question into box.
      3. Assign point values to yes or no responses.
      4. Click OK.
    • Multiple Choice – Scoring Question
      1. A box will appear.
      2. Type question into the Question box.
      3. Type in first response option and select point value.
      4. Use the hyperlink to add additional responses.
      5. Click OK.
    • Multiple Choice – Qualification Question
      1. A box will appear.
      2. Type question into box.
      3. Type in the first response option and select the corresponding stage or disposition.
      4. Use the hyperlink to add additional responses.
      5. Click OK.
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