Surveys - Create Survey - Questions


  1. From the Actions drop-down menu, click Add Survey Question


  2. Enter the following information for your question:


    • Question Box - Type your question as it will be seen by the respondent.
    • Sequence number - Determines the display order of questions within the survey.
    • If this is a multiple-page survey, select the page number. Surveys can be broken out by pages, and this box determines which page the question will appear on 
    • Select the type of reply for the question - There are 13 reply types available in surveys that allow for both multiple-choice or free text responses from employees.


    • Checkbox to make the question active.
    • If using one of the 3 multiple choice options you can also choose to retain the options for the next question. Continue to check this box through all the survey questions that you will create.
  3. Click on "Add Question"


If applicable, type in the response, the sequence number, and use the checkbox if the option is the correct option. 

  1. Option - The name of the response the employee can select (ie: Satisfied, XL, Meets Expectations). 
  2. Sequence Number - Determines the order in which responses will display to employees 
  3. Correct Option - If the survey is graded, you are able to check this box to denote the correct response to this particular question. 
  4. Click Add Option - options will display in the table below and can be removed by selecting the "X" icon on the right hand side of the response 


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