Surveys Overview

In all organizations, HR Administrators and Executives can benefit from understanding the needs, desires, and sentiments of their employee’s. Often times, gathering this information can be very difficult to do or is done using disorganized methods.

The Survey portal provides the ability to create a set of questions that be distributed to the employees of your organization.

When creating a survey, you will: 

  • Enter a name for the survey
  • Enter a Description
  • Enter Instructions
  • Enter Confirmation Text


Using the Questions tab, configure the questions to include in the survey. Depending upon the Reply type selected for a question, use the Survey Question Response Options form to configure the available responses to the question. The reply types for questions with graded answers can only use the radio list or drop down list options.

The questions are displayed in the Survey Questions section.

To edit the completed questions:

  • Click the edit icon
  • Edit content
  • Click Return to previous screen

Employee Groups

  • Click Reports
  • Click Employee Groups
  • Click Add to Survey


The tab will display the survey per its configuration. Use the Refresh button to refresh new questions added to the survey.


The Release provides the ability to send the survey to the Employee Group configured on the selected survey. Depending upon the number of configured Respondents, the release process may take several minutes. Employees with an Employee Status of "Terminated" or "Retired" will automatically be excluded from the release.
Use the Subject and email body to configure the message that will be delivered to the Employee Group notifying them of the survey.

Note: The "Send Test Message" button below will allow you to send the customized message you provide to yourself first before releasing the survey to all respondents configured for this survey.


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