Surveys - Create Survey - Properties

Complete the following fields and enable any checkbox options. When done, click Save.

Checkbox Options

  • Activate this survey for the Configured Respondents – Activates the survey for distribution via the Release Tab, Workflows, or Applicant Tracking jobs (Job Posting Contacts).
  • Results gathered in this survey will be anonymous – answers provided by the employee groups will not identify the employees to the answers they provided.
  • This Survey should be graded (Correct answers must be identified for each question). Provides the ability to add questions that are correct or incorrect.
  • Display incorrectly answered questions along with correct answers to respondents at the end of the survey – The survey will display the correctly and incorrectly answered questions after the respondent has completed the survey.

Text Fields

  • Name for your survey
  • Description of the survey - This description will only be available for Administrators to view 
  • Instructions to respondents - Employees will be able to view the text added to this box, and any special instructions or descriptions can be added here 
  • Confirmation text


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