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How to Create a Mapped Form

Required Resource(s)

  • A PDF with form fields (displayed below in the I9 example) which data can be mapped to or typed into.
    • A PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat Pro is recommended but not required, to create a fillable PDF form.


Creating Mapped Form

  • Navigate to Prefilled Forms from the Menu by expanding Settings and clicking Prefilled Forms.


  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Create New Mapped Form.


  • Enter the following information for the mapped form:
    • Enter a name for the form (Required) and a description (Not Required).
    • Click Browse and upload the PDF file from your computer.


  • Click Save to proceed to the Map Form Fields step.
  • Use the drop-down fields in the "Export Fields" column to select the matching field you want data for. (e.g. You have a form field for the employee's first name. You can specify the field to pull the first name already entered for the employee in the HR system so the employee does not have to enter it themselves.)
    • Before making a form field mappable, double-check if auto-filling information is allowed for the document or if the employee is required to enter the information manually.


  • To change the category of data available to choose from, use the filter at the top of the list.


  • Once all the fields you want mapped are selected click Save at the bottom of the list.
  • On the final Preview tab you can download a copy of the form with an example of the result.


Using Mapped Form

Your mapped form can be used in a workflow or from an employee's profile.

  • Navigate to Prefilled Forms for an employee profile.


  • Select the form from the drop-down menu, then click Generate Form


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