Self Service Toolkit - Test the Open Enrollment Event

Once you have completed the System Setup for Open Enrollment, it is highly recommended that you set aside enough time to perform sufficient testing prior to opening up the Open Enrollment Event for all eligible Employees. It is generally recommended that you add one or more Test Employees to the system in order to conduct testing.

Note: Please delete any test employees from the system before any electronic Eligibility Files are delivered to any Third Parties in order to prevent Test Employees from being passed to the Third Parties.

When adding test employees, be sure to set their Benefit Eligibility Dates equal to the Effective Date of the Benefit Package that you will be testing against (i.e. 01/01/2011 for benefits that are effective on 01/01/2011).

To create benefit records for the Test Employee:

  • Navigate to Employee > Benefits > Benefits
  • Click Check Eligibility

To open an Open Enrollment

  • Navigate to Employee > Employee Homepage > Enrollment Windows

To test the Open Enrollment Event

  • Navigate to Employee > Employee Homepage
  • Click Begin Open Enrollment Event

It is recommended that you test each possible scenario that an employee might encounter during the Open Enrollment Event by changing the Demographic Data of the Test Employee to test various eligibility scenarios. The Benefit Eligibility Summary report is a great tool for understanding the various scenarios that you might wish to test.

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