Self Service Toolkit - Pay Date Exclusions for Contribution-Based Benefits

To adjust the number of pay periods for Contribution-based benefits you do NOT hard code the pay period number. Instead you will use ‘Pay Date Exclusions’

To Create Pay Date Exclusions for a Contribution Based Benefit:

  • Click on Settings > Benefit Management
  • Click on the package being configured
  • Click on the ‘Step 2 – Configure Benefit Structure’ tab
  • Click on the Benefit you want to set with pay date exclusions
  • Pay Date Exclusions has Pay Schedule and Year drop-down boxes
  • Select the Pay Schedule from the drop down that you wish to have dates excluded from
  • Select the year you wish to adjust for the pay schedule exclusions
    • A list of dates, per the pay schedule selected, will populate
  • Check off the dates to exclude from having contribution deductions on
  • Click Save & Continue




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