Self Service Toolkit - Update Pay Schedules

In order for the system to be able to calculate correct Per Pay Period costs, a Pay Schedule must be configured for the new Benefit Package. A Pay Schedule consists of a series of records reflecting the actual Pay Period End Dates and Check Dates.

The number of Pay Schedule records should reflect the pay period end dates and check dates during the benefit year. For example, if employees are paid 26 times per year, then 26 records should exist within the Pay Schedule.

To update your Pay Schedule with the new year dates:

  • From the menu, navigate to Setup > Setup Properties > Pay Schedule Configuration > Pay Schedules


  • On the Pay Schedule Properties screen, click on the pay schedule that you want to update


  • Click Step 2 - Configure Dates
    • Select the upcoming calendar year from the drop down box next to ‘Add a New Year:”
    • Click ‘Add’


  • Update the Pay Schedule to reflect the actual Check Dates & Pay Period End Dates for the new Benefit Year by individually selecting the dates & clicking on ‘Save Calendars’ in the Actions bar.
    • **TIP: If both Check Dates & Pay Period End Dates are the same, while still in the ‘Check Dates’ calendar, click on ‘Copy Selected Dates to the Unselected Calendar Tab'


  • Repeat these steps if you have multiple Pay Schedules (E.g.  Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, etc…).
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