Self Service Toolkit - Helpful Reports to Review Prior to OE

As you begin your Open Enrollment process, it is very important to identify changes in your current benefits package. By reviewing your current package details and identifying changes, you will be able to better organize yourself in making those updates for the upcoming open enrollment period.

To pull up a list of helpful reports:

  • Click on Reports > Benefit Management > General
  • Select your current package from the drop down menu under step 1.
  • Enter the Effective Date of the current package under step 2.
  • Click Refresh Results

This will populate a list of reports based on the package selected. The idea is to REVIEW your current package details and IDENTIFY discrepancies, upcoming changes to the new package, and ultimately help you organize yourself in making sure nothing is missed when updating your new package and you have accurate data as you move forward.

The following reports are the ones typically reviewed prior to OE:

  • Benefit Premium / Rate Configuration – Annual **
  • Benefit Premium / Rate Configuration – Age Banded Benefits with Annual Costs **
  • Benefit Eligibility Rules**
  • Evidence of Insurability Rules**


Pro Tip: As you pull each of the reports, review the data, make changes and HIGHLIGHT those changes so that you know what needs to be updated in the system as you complete the OE configuration.

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