Self Service Toolkit - Make Other Benefit Changes/Configure Eligibility Rules

Apply any other changes to the new Benefit Package that may be required (i.e. add or remove benefits, add or remove benefit plans, change eligibility rules, etc…).

Benefit and Plan names can be modified from the “Step 2 – Configure Benefit Structure” tab. If benefits or plans need to be added, duplicating the benefit or plan may be the easiest method and the names can be modified. Alternatively, the “add plan” link next to each Benefit name can be used to add a plan from scratch.

Changes to Coverage Levels can be made from the “Step 2 – Coverage Levels” tab after clicking on the Plan Name.

It is highly recommended that you review the Eligibility Rules that are in place for your Benefit Structure. The most common issues that arise during Open Enrollment are due to incorrect eligibility rules configured against Benefits and Benefit Plans.

The easiest way to review all of the Benefit Eligibility Rules for an entire Benefit Package is to review the Benefit Eligibility Rule report.

To execute this report, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Benefits Management > General
  2. Select the new package, click Refresh Results and click to view the Benefit Eligibility Rules Reports.
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