Job Postings - Step 1: Job Details

Job Details


The Job Details tab allows you to enter the details of an open position. This includes the descriptions, internal contacts that will oversee the application process, work experience required, job location, and salary.

  • A job ID is automatically added to each job posting that is created. The "Job Posting Number" can be used for internal job designating or requisition numbers.
  • The start date is the date the posting will be live. This cannot change once the posting has been saved.
  • Copying and pasting a job description can be done if the Positions in Performance Management are not being used. If the formatting does not carry over to the system it is recommended that you copy and paste a formatted description into Notepad to remove formatting and then use the HTML editor to add your formatting.
  • Step 1 tab also contains the check box to make the job posting a template.

Job Posting Contacts


The Job Posting Contacts tab allows you to:

  • Select Hiring Manager - Multiple hiring managers can be selected. These will be the managers that receive emails if that has been enabled under the advanced settings tab.
  • Select Recruiter - Only one recruiter can be selected per job posting.
  • Send Recruiter info to the job posting - this will take the contact information from the employee demographic for the selected recruiter and place it in a header in the job description.
  • Reference Form - If a survey has been created for use as a reference questionnaire it will be available in the drop-down here. This form will be sent out to any reference that is provided and has a valid email address.

Job Posting Type


For the Job Posting Type, you will need to set the:

  • Status - This will default to "Pending" and will need to be in an "Open" status to be live on the job portal.
  • Job Type - These are configured in the Advanced Setting page from the top menu bar.
  • Category: Manage Categories - Categories are also configured in the advanced settings screen and is recommended that you complete it there.
  • Positions - Internal, External, or both. If you have turned on the job portal link for the employee homepage making a job internal or both internal/external will make it visible.
  • Fill Requirement - this is displayed on the main ATS page and is for reporting and display purposes only.
  • EEO Category - These are created in the advanced settings, but are not required.

Job Posting Experience


Job Posting Experience allows the administrator to specify the minimum years of experience and the Desired Level of Education.

Master Job Posting


A Master Job Posting is a Job Posting that represents a collection of related Job Postings that stores applicant data. When a Job Posting is assigned to a Master Job Posting, any applicants who apply will be directed to the Master Job Posting.

If a Job Posting is Active (Pending or Open), then it will be available as a Master Job Posting. Only Active Master Job Postings associated with the selected Category in the Job Posting Type tab will be available. If there is no Master Job Posting associated with the selected category, then the drop-down will not be populated. If a Master Job Posting is already assigned from the drop-down list, it cannot be modified on existing Job Postings.

Job Posting Location


The Job Posting Location tab allows the administrator to identify the location of where the position will be held. The "Location" is the field that displays on the career page.

Job Posting Salary


Job Posting Salary is used to enter the salary that will be associated with the position. This is an internal feature that will not be seen by the applicant. Any salary information that you would like to share to the applicants will need to be applied under the Job Posting Detail tab.

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