Employee Groups Report

Employee Groups can be created and used in different areas of the system such as Surveys and mass email communications to employees. They are defined by an eligibility rule that will only include employees that fall into the parameters set by the eligibility rule. This allows you to only target specific employees for things like Surveys and email.



  • Before using an Employee Group always go into Employee Groups and "Save and Populate" the group. 
  • Employee Groups are a great way to send out emails to specific employees, or only assign a survey to a group of employees! 

Navigating to Employee Groups

If you are not already at the Employee Groups screen, you can reach it from the menu by expanding Reports and clicking Employee Groups.


Add New Employee Group

  1. To add a new employee group, use the Actions drop-down menu, and click Add New Employee Group.


  2. Enter a name for the employee group.


  3. Select the eligibility rule for the employee group. If you need to create a new eligibility rule, refer to the following section.


  4. Click Save and Populate. You should see a list of employees eligible for the employee group.


Add New Eligibility Rule

  1. If a new eligibility rule is needed while creating a new employee group, click Manage Rules.


  2. You will be taken to a page listing the current eligibility rules.


  3. From the Actions drop-down menu, click Create Eligilbity Rule Record.


  4. Enter a name for the elibility rule as required and a short description if desired. Click Next.


  5. Specify the field that the eligibility rule will view, the qualifier, and the value. After adding a field, you can add additional fields with the conjunction of AND or OR. When the desired fields have been added, click Continue.


  6. Click Validate. You will see a list of employees eligible for the rule.


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