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Understanding Time Off Requests on ExakTime Connect for Employees

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The Time Off Requests page is where you can create time off requests for yourself review existing requests, and cancel your time off request.

When your time off request has been approved by your supervisor or ExakTime administrator, time off time records will automatically be created on your time card to ensure you receive the appropriate hours.

If you want to know how time off requests are handled on ExakTime Mobile, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

Navigating to Time Off Requests

  • Go to Time Off and click Time Off Requests from the menu bar.


  • The "Your Time Off" tab will show you any assigned time off plans and any of your time off requests.


Time Off Cards


Towards the top of the page will be a series of cards with:

  • Plan Name - The name of the Time Off Plan.
  • Plan Type - Pre-defined plan type assignment.
  • Available Hours - This value is your total balance minus any pending request hours. This value will update if pending requests are denied or canceled. If the accrual type is Unlimited, this value will appear as "Unltd".
  • Pending Hours - This value is your pending time off requests for the given plan.
  • Request Button - Used to create a time off request for the given plan.

Your Time Off Requests


Beneath the time off plan cards will be a list of your time off requests.

  • eye.png Eye Icon - Click to view the details of your time off request.
  • Cancel - Cancel your requests if the request is pending or approved. Only the creator of the request can cancel the time off request.
  • Status - Filters your requests to approved, pending, and completed by default. Additional request statuses such as canceled, denied, or expired can be viewed by clicking the ☰ icon in the Status header and adding the statuses to the filter.
  • Start Date - The date that the time off will begin.
  • End Date - The date that the time off will end.
  • Hours - The total number of hours of the time off request.
  • Plan Name - The Time Off Plan that was used to request your time off.
  • Submitted On - Date that the time off request was submitted.

Reviewing Your Time Off Request

  • Click the eye.png eye icon towards the left of a time off request.


  • A modal will open to show the date range of the request, the total hours requested, the start/end time of each date for the request, and a history of employee actions, such as the submitter and approver.


Creating Time Off Requests

  • Click Request for a Time Off Plan card to submit a time off request using the balance of the time off plan.


  • Enter the information for your time off request:


    • Available Hours - Your time off balance minus the hours requested based on the requested time off. This value will adjust dynamically based on the requested time off hours.
    • Request Hours - Total for the time off request.
    • Choose Start/End Day - Selecting the start date will auto-populate the end date with the same start date. You can further adjust the start and end dates.
    • Include Weekends - This option is used when the start and end dates span a weekend. By default, we do not include weekends with time off requests. To include Sat and Sun as dates within the request, this option must be selected.
    • Weekly Date Grouping - The number of hours you are requesting time off for and when the time off should start.
      • If the Time Off Plan allows you to request partial days is enabled, you can edit the hours requested per day. If you cannot request partial days off, you will not be able to edit the hours and will be restricted to 8 hours per day with a start time of 8:00 a.m.
      • Start Time - Defaults to 8:00 a.m. The start time determines the start/end time of Time Off time records.
    • Comments - Optional comment field
  • Click Submit Request when finished.

Please Note

Once created, Time Off requests cannot be edited. If the request was entered incorrectly, it must be canceled and reentered.

Canceling a Time Off Request

Your pending or approved Time Off requests can be canceled by you in the event that the time off request was incorrectly entered or if the request is no longer needed.

  • Click Cancel from the Time Off Request page.


  • Confirm the cancellation.


  • If the time off request has been approved already, the time records will be removed from the impacted employee timecards.
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