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How to Approve Other Employees Time Cards on ExakTime Mobile

If enabled by your ExakTime Administrator, an employee, such as a supervisor, can other employees' time cards with ExakTime Mobile at the supervisor level.

Internet Access and having hours on a time card are required to approve a time card from ExakTime Mobile. If you or an employee do not have mobile data/Wi-Fi or a blank time card, you cannot approve a time card from ExakTime Mobile. 

 Approve a Complete Time Card Only

You should only approve at the end of the pay period or as instructed by your ExakTime administrator. Approving a time card before your pay period ends, such as in the middle of a work week, can result in time records made after your approval not appearing on the time card. While the records are not lost, approving a time card prematurely can result in an incomplete time card and can delay any of your company's policies/procedures.

  • Press the button in the top left of ExakTime Mobile to show the menu and press Approvals.


  • You will see a menu like the below example where you can review the details of your own time card and the time card(s) of employees in your viewset. Reviewing and approving your own time card will be the same steps as an employee.


  • Beneath your own time card will be the employees in your viewset. If the employee had approved their time card, you should see an "Employee Approved" indicator with green text. Press Approve to approve the employee's time card. The "Approve" button will change to "Unapprove" if you need to unapprove the time card and there will be a "Supervisor Approved" indicator with green text. 


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