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Using Foundation Import Tool for Onboarding


  • FileZilla or another SFTP Client - This resource assumes you are using Filezilla.
  • FSI (Foundation Soft Integration) Importer - This application can be installed with the assistance of Foundation Soft customer service.

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Downloading Your Files

  1. Arcoro will contact you via email when there is a file waiting to be downloaded with your SFTP client.
  2. Open FileZilla. Go to File and click Site Manager. Select the site/server and click Connect



  3. The left-hand side will show your local folders & files.


  4. The right-hand side will show you the folders & files of the site/server that you are connected to. 


  5. Select the files to download. The file names generally begin with Import, ContactInfo, and/or Rehire and will contain the date timestamp. Double-click the file(s) to download them to the selected local folder. 


  6. Go to Server and click Disconnect to disconnect from the server after you are finished downloading the file(s).


Using FSI Importer

  1. Open FSI Importer.
  2. Select "Employee" from the "Choose Importer Type" drop-down menu. Enter your Foundation login information and select your Foundation database. Click Connect.


  3. Once connected, select the company that you will be importing into with the "Select Company" drop-down.


  4. Click Select for "Employee Source File" and select the files you downloaded from the SFTP. Click Preview and Validate Source towards the bottom right.


  5. Select "Employees" from the "Record Type" drop-down menu. The data from the file should populate the window. Click Validate towards the bottom right to validate the data from the selected file.



  6. Towards the bottom left will be a warning if there are any validation errors due to data not being recognized in your import file. You can click into any of the provided fields to update the information so Foundation can validate and accept it. Data that needs to be corrected are generally highlighted in orange. You can click Validate again after correcting the data until there are no further validation errors



  7. When the data has been successfully validated, the "Import" button should become clickable. Click Import to import your data. 



If you are encountering any issues when trying to import your file from Onboarding, please refer to the dedicated troubleshooting article.

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